Turquioze Howlite with Onyx, Nature's Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, Bracelet, Stretch

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Turquoise ~ The "master healer". Grounding and cleansing.  Dispels negative energy and provides protection against environmental pollutants.  Provides strength and protection during meditation. Brings peace of mind. Enhances intuition, wisdom, trust and kindness. Strengthens whole body, promotes absorption of nutrients, tissue regeneration and circulation. Reduces hatred and increases love. Considered to be a bridge between Heaven/Sky and Earth, grounding us while still remaining open to Spirit.

Howlite ~ Also called White Turquoise, is one of the "attunement stones" which link to higher spiritual consciousness. Opens and prepares the mind to receive the energies and wisdom of attunement. Helps teach patience and self acceptance.  Very calming stone used to relieve stress of all kinds. Excellent for insomnia and quieting the mind during sleep or meditation. Helps in dream retrieval. Motivates learning and improves memory. Facilitates awareness and encourages emotional clarity and expression. Cleanses the aura and purifies the blood. Strengthens teeth and bones.  

Black Onyx ~ Grounding.  Promoting inner strength and endurance to carry difficult tasks to completion. Helps with self control and anchors flighty energy into a more stable grounded energy.   Wonderful for someone that has had a long illness or when working on a project for a long time.  Great for someone with abundance of ideas but lacks discipline to carry them out.  Helpful for person in business for themselves helping with letting go or releasing past attachments to people places or things. 


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