Pure Quartz Crystal & Shungite Mala Bracelet Featuring Natures' Golden Ratio Size Small 6.5", 8mm Beads

$90 $115

Pure Quartz Crystal ~  A Master Healer,  amplifies energy and thoughts, as well as the properties of other crystals.  Heals and energizes the body, and anywhere it is directed.  A stone of clarity that dispels negative energy of all kinds. Helps to neutralize background radiation as well as petrochemical emanations.  Cleanses and enhances organs and subtle bodies; a deep soul cleanser. Helps amplify our Focus and unlocks memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Harmonizes all the chakras.  Purifying Harmonizing and balancing in our environment.  Represents new beginnings and fresh energies.


Shungite is a natural mineral with powerful healing properties. Cures, purifies, protects, normalizes, induces recovery and promotes growth in living organisms. Excellent of pain relief.  One of the few stones on the planet that contains almost the entire periodic table in its chemistry.  Absorbs and eliminates everything that imposes a hazard to life, but restores all that is beneficial. Protects against harmful electromagnetic radiation (as found in cell phones, computers, televisions and microwaves), by causing the subtle fields in it's environment to become more bio compatible.  A catalyst for positive change and growth, Acts on our energetic body as a concentrator and an activator; transforming in real time the impact of left torsion fields. Acts as a super conductor and absorbs light, making it a powerful grounder, cleanser, transformer and healing crystal.

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